June 2019

Hello everyone,

 this month was very productive and I’m very happy to show you 2 new digital artworks! The first one is a portrait of my character (from the story I’m working on at the moment) “Inari” as a child. I wanted to show the encounter with the demon spirit that infected her.   

The second one also shows the character in a very different time of her life.

The artwork is called “Treasure hunt” and took me about 50 hours of work with procreate and the Ipad. 

Together with her animal companion, they are located in the ruins of a lost city in the sky. Living on the ground was (and still is) not possible anymore, so humans built a new habitat above the clouds.... Let’s explore together what caused the catastrophe and which „treasure“ might be found in the end.


I’m also looking forward to meet you at one of the 3 conventions this month.

Now thank you for your support, especially on Instagram (there`s an insane amount of people around lately) and have a great start into summertime!



Meet Me




8/9. Juni 2019




German Comic Con


15/16. Juni 2019



Comic Con Germany


25/26. Juni 2019