It's Inktober again!

save 30% on all Black and White Artworks

Until the end of this month with the code: Inktober


Oktober 2018

 It's Inktober again! 

I’m very impressed by the discipline in variety that can be found in the art community this month. As amazing the challenge is - I will not participate this year, because I recently want to focus more on my digital paintings. I have one big digital artwook coming soon, that I'm very excited about. In the video below I wanted to show you some originals I created during the last years inktober sessions. Maybe you get some inspiration for your personal works from it.


Since its the glory month of celebrating ink, I created a Discount for you. Until the end of the month you can save 30 % with the code "Inktober" on all Black and White Artworks.  

I hope you all enjoy the sun or staying at home, celebrating the change of the season.


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