March 2019

Hello Darlings,

Now 4 weeks back in Germany the everydaylife totally catched up on me and my japan travel seems in a long distance. It was a beautiful time, even if I couldn’t escape the cold winter as I usually do. Fortunately, the new impressions of the amazing country and its culture gave me a lot of motivation to draw. I finished two new illustrations, that are highly inspired by Japanese mythology and the backpacking livestyle.


     “Ruten suru”                    “Kitsune”

I’m also looking forward to the new convention-season! I changed a few things to improve my booth and I can promise you a whole bunch of new goods this year.


I hope you have a beautiful springtime and as always, I want to say, that I’m truly thankful for your support and appreciation. <3







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16./17. März 2019




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