Painting Digital after 2 years


New year - new chapter ;) I started into the year with big news for you: I'm able to draw digital again!

Its been quiete a long time...Working with a new drawing program is challenging, because many functions are very different to photoshop or do not even exist. I have to be patient while drawing, because I need more time and experience to optimize my workflow.


But besides the obstacles, drawing with the IPad is still a lot of fun! 

As you can see in the progress, I had no idea how this one will turn out. 


When you take a look at the progress, you'll see she's been through a lot. :D


The work is ALMOST done, it needs a few more details and maybe I'll add more lights. I'm quite satisfied with this "very first procreate work" and I'm much more confident with the program, althought I still dont understand why you can't crop images...


I could draw on this hours and days...

 what about giving her a fancy hand gesture?

What about a fancy armor for her shoulder?


...but from my experience it will not get any better.

I like the colors and flowing shapes but I dont like her beeing in the center of the image with this weak pose. But whatever I dont think its a major art mistake, because for me this work is more a character visualisation (and a first attempt on procreate) than something that would hang in an exhibition.

Yay, a new artwork is completed ☄️

First one in 2018 and also the first digital piece since 2 years.😊

I still dont have a perfect title, but for now I had to post it immediately, because I‘m the most ambitious overdrawer of all time. 


I hope this "walk through" was interesting for you. Now I‘m keen for a new digital artwork...stay tuned its ✨landscape–time ✨. I‘m thinking about drawing something that could be located in her world, so we might start a narrative or something from this. 

Sharing is Caring. ♥

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    Robin D. (Friday, 26 January 2018 22:18)

    At first I saw a woman with sorrow filled eyes, seeking something far off in the distance. Then I noticed the faint shadow of a lion standing at her side, sharing the same demeanor. It was then that I realised not sorrow, but courage and determination fill her eyes.

    For she may have a fragile body, yet she stands proud and mightily with the heart of a lioness.
    Perhaps my eyes are just playing tricks on me, but I really do see the silhouette of a lion next to the woman in the final piece. Very beautiful work, that once again, leaves a lot for the viewer's imagination to feast upon.