A beautiful disaster

A beautiful disaster - I named it like this because to finish the new artwork

I had to go quite a difficult path. Or more paths. Maybe a journey.  I worked

on it since january, and during these months I went to the other side of

the world, attended 4 conventions, experienced a 7-day art festival and

finished writing my bachelor thesis. But (Besides studying) all these activities

were highly motivating and inspiring.


The main reason, why it took me so long to finish this painting: I struggled

with absolutely every technical aspect. In this Blog Post you get an insight

about my "disastrous" process, the different sets of inspiration and some

hinches regarding what it's about.

The Inspiration

Music is one way to show you the vibe in which the painting was created, so I invite you to listen to this tune while you continue reading.


Of course Travelling is an Inspiration. On my trip to argentina this spring, I found some interesting trees and

places that definitely influen-ced the artwork. On the right side I made

a little collection of photos

for you. When you look at the artwork and then at the photos you might see where certain elements originated.

The Artwork


Title:  -not found yet- (makeshift: "The Plague")

Medium: Procreate, Ipad Pro

Time: January - June 2018

First of all, I think it's very difficult when an artist explains everything

about their artwork. On one side I want to share my story with you, but

on the other side my words might keep you from imagining something

for yourself. Your own interpretation is very precious to me.


We are not in school anymore where only one answer counts as "the

right one". I might not have the same opinion as you, but the fact, that

your synapses start to create something from what I painted is, to be

serious, a pretty amazing thing!


So I thought showing you some details would be a good way to present

the parts that deserve a special focus.

I will leave you alone with the images for now, and I hope you have a

great time Exploring!


The Details

The very not professional, disastrous Process

Step 1:  Sketching

Looking back I have to say, I feel like I failed

with it. If I had put more effort in the shapes

and values, the amount of problems would

have been minimized.

Step 2:  Ambiance

Based on the Mood I want, I Created a color Palette. 

I also started painting Details (The Mountains)

Way to early....


Step 3: Thoughtless Painting

A phase of changing elements began. I made the mistake of painting first and then think. It works sometimes but in this landscape it didn’t. You see it’s way too dark and has a weird "out of the frame" movement, that made no sense to me or the viewer.

Step 5:  Beeing stuck

after a break fortunately new Ideas came up.

See the note and genius idea to add flying fish?

Not all ideas made it to the end...

Step 6: slowly enhancing a story

...by adding more elements to the landscape.

spontaneous not planned.

I still disliked the composition as well as the stupid

"Salmon" color, that spread over everything.


Step 7: Asking for Feedback 

At this stage I was stuck again, because I saw that so many things were wrong but (maybe because I looked at it for too long) I couldn't figure out the errors.  I'm still so thankful to the artists in loish's digital art group, that helped me improve the piece.



If you are interested in what brushes

I'm using, here's a summary. I don't use many. One for sketching, the

"Nikko rull" for painting, the airbush for... well that should be self-explanatory and some nature brushes

to save time.





"Patience is the art of concealing your impatience." - (Guy Kawasaki)


this quote sumps up my 6 month-

process pretty well...


But even after that amount of work I STILL wasn't happy with the result.

Something was missing. So I did what I often had often done in my older

artworks, and added one element that changed the ambiance of the painting.


Then I asked the internet which version they preferred and the one on

the right won.


The Artprint

Painting needs time, Printing as well.

The amount of work I put in the creative process was similar

to the hours I spend in front of my computer to adjust the Print.

To be honest - sometimes i was so close to a mental breakdown,

because the first prints didn't fit my standards at all.


Just Imagine that: you work for month on one artwork and

than you have to wait another bunch of weeks until you

finally can hold it in your hands. It's a cruel world.


Now I'm very happy (and relieved), that I can finally present you

the new Artwork in a few days at my favourite Comic Con in Stuttgart!

I hope you found this blog post interesting and

learned  something about my creative process.

 Goodbye everyone and have a fantastic Summertime!

:* Sarah


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