-   Name: Sarah Buchholz


 -  Born: 05.12.1993 in the most-eastern town of 

     germany, Görlitz


- currently studying: literature (Comparative 

   Literary Studies) at the University Erfurt


- Convinced autodidact


- likes:

                 animals, pasta, learning   

                 something new, cooking, morbid

                 sense of humor, green tea, challenges,

                 people with their own style or passion,  

                 coffee, the beauty of nature, movie

                 soundtracks, villains, free things,

                 feminism, escapism, travelling


- dislikes:

                 coldness, the german word "ausdrücken", 

                 waiting, not beeing taken seriously, 

                 reactonary thinking, lethargy,

                windows updates, "caffeine-free-coffee"



Drawing New Zealand's

stunning landscape in 2012.

This could be a self-portrait. 

Papilio at her very first Comic Con 2015. My "artistic direction" changed a lot after this event.


“My love for drawing usually appears, when I invest a lot of time in the tiniest things. The way I paint is very time-consuming and the opposite of efficient producing. When I draw I forget about time, rules and all the craziness out there. The only thing that matters is, to transform my thoughts and feelings into something visible and reaching the state, people describe as “flow”. These are my favourite moments during the process, because when I see the results on canvas after beeing a long time on "work-mode", it feels like waking up from an awesome journey.”





2014:           Zukunftsvisionen, Görlitz


2015:           "Was macht die Kunst?"

                    Student Art Exhibition, Erfurt


2016:           WesensArt Gera; Audience Award


2017:          #9 Graphic Days, Berlin


2017:          “Explore & Escape”, Retronom,



2018:          "YEA" - Young Erfurt Artists,

                    Kunsthaus, Erfurt



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