-   Name: Sarah Buchholz


-  Living in Leipzig


 -  Born: 05.12.1993 in the most-eastern town of 

     germany, Görlitz


-  Comparative Literary Studies at the University Erfurt


- Convinced autodidact


- Travel Addict 


 "My love for drawing usually appears, when I invest a

lot of time in the tiniest things. The way I paint is very

time-consuming. When I draw I forget about time, rules and all the craziness out there. when I see the results on canvas after beeing a long time on work-mode, it feels like waking up from an awesome journey.”

Drawing New Zealand's

stunning landscape in 2012.

This is my self-portrait. 

Papilio at her very first Comic Con 2015. My artistic direction changed a lot after this event.







2014:           Zukunftsvisionen, Görlitz


2015:           "Was macht die Kunst?"

                    Student Art Exhibition, Erfurt


2016:           WesensArt Gera; Audience Award


2017:          #9 Graphic Days, Berlin


2017:          “Explore & Escape”, Retronom,



2018:          "YEA" - Young Erfurt Artists,

                    Kunsthaus, Erfurt



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