12. October 2018
Hello Everyone, Today I can proudly present the new Artwork I have been working on since summer. It's called "The Ritual" and is mainly inspired by the Studio Ghibli film "Princess Mononoke". Althought the influence of the japanese anime is obvious, it contains many original elements, I had in mind for a long time.
15. June 2018
This Blog Post is all about the new digital landscape painting. You get an insight about my "disastrous" process, the different sets of inspiration and some hinches regarding what it's about.
13. April 2018
Exploring the end, painting the Neverending and suddenly becoming a Mountain Conquerer.
18. March 2018
It's been a week now, that I landed on the new continent. After I spend some days in the crazy megacity Buenos Aires...
26. January 2018
New year - new chapter ;) I started into the year with big news for you: I'm able to draw digital again! Its been quiete a long time...Working with a new drawing program is challenging, because many functions are very different to photoshop or do not even exist. I have to be patient while drawing, because I need more time and experience to optimize my workflow. But besides the obstacles, drawing with the IPad is still a lot of fun! As you can see in the progress, I had no idea how this one will...
07. November 2017
A Collaboration with photographer Phillip Heinz.
11. June 2017
29. April 2017
Papilios Erfahrungen auf der Comic Con in Frankfurt.